If you have an audience that would be a good fit for Boxshot King then I’d love to help you and make sure you have the resources your need.

The affiliate program is through ClickBank. You can go to their site and sign up for free. Once you have an affiliate id you can start promoting right away.

Go to the affiliate resources section and you’ll find text links, banners, and soon I’ll have a viral video and viral PDF. Make sure you sign up to be on my notification list so I can give you personalized promotional tools such as:

Custom Webinars and Video Walkthroughs

I’d be happy to do a video walkthrough with you and demonstrate for your audience how easy it is to use BoxShotKing. I did a quick webinar with Ryan Lee and he sent out a link to the recorded version on his blog and made a lot of sales (obviously your results may vary).

The point is that I’m happy to get on a GotoWebinar with you and record something custom.

Custom Landing Pages

I’d also be happy to give your audience a special promotion to help seal the deal and really personalize the promotion.

I will ask you some information about your audience and how many people will see your email, blog post, or video. But don’t hesitate to ask.