How to format text on your product graphic

In this Boxshot King tutorial, you will learn how to format text on your product graphic.

Click here for the pdf documentation.

  1. Start a new product OR open a saved image

bsk-main-choose product.png

  1. Click the tab at the top “Insert Text”


  1. Type the custom text you want
  1. add customization by clicking the various buttons below
  1. gradient, text outline, alignment, font, or choose no effect
  1. click “add text”


  1. click on the text and drag to move the text to the area on the background you want
  2. At the top you can choose to further edit the text area
  1. edit – edits the text
  2. cut or copy
  3. flip – flips the text
  4. arc
  5. grayscale
  6. sharpen
  7. blur
  8. contrast
  9. rotate – choose the degree of rotation you want
  10. choose the color


  1. You can now add additional text by clicking “Insert Text” at the top, add additional images OR…
  1. Finalize your document by clicking “Finalize”

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