Ebook Cover Generator Software: 5 Critical Questions To Answer Before You Buy

In this article, I break down your choices for finding the best ebook cover generator software into the key points you really should consider before making your purchase. I’m only going to be looking at your popular software choices, not other options like outsourcing, which can be time consuming, expensive and totally unnecessary with some of the powerful and easy options that are now available.

Question #1: How fast can you create a new boxshot?

For most online marketers speed is everything.

But even for the most patient marketers, learning new software can be time consuming and frustrating.

Before you invest in any software you should have an idea of how technically savvy you need to be and how long it will really take you to master your new tool.

Bottom line: your time is valuable and learning to use an overly complex tool is not the best use of your time.

Question #2: Will the ebook cover generator software work on your computer?

If you’re on a Mac, then you’re not going to be able to use two of the better known 3d boxshot generators. Of course, if you’re on Windows then this isn’t an issue for you.

But more and more often software companies are releasing software that’s compatible for both Mac and Windows. Two solutions that are commonly used are Adobe AIR or putting the software “in the cloud” so anyone can access the software from the web.

Question #3: Will you have a variety of product images to create multiple boxshots?

We’re starting to see more product graphics created to simulate Kindle, iPod and iPad.

Some ebook cover generators only do ebooks, or ebooks and basic software boxes. Look for a solution that has templates for:

  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Kindle
  • Ebooks
  • Paperbacks
  • Reports
  • CD’s and CD cases
  • DVDs and DVD cases
  • software boxes

Question #4: Will you still need other image creation software to make it work?

This is a biggie.

Not many people realize that they will still need additional software to create the graphics they’ll need to use for the boxshots. In other words, many ebook cover generator software packages only create the final 3d product graphics AFTER you have created multiple images for the front, the back, the spine, etc.

The problem for you is that if you don’t have the software and know how to create the front, back, and side of your product image then most boxshot generators won’t be of any use to you.

To get around this big limitation, some boxshot software providers have addons (additional software you buy) that will help you make the graphics but you need to factor in the cost and the extra learning curve for a second software tool.

BoxshotKing takes a completely different approach and has a built in graphics editor that makes it a snap to use existing backgrounds and just add text. You can upload your own graphics if you want, but it’s not necessary.

In this video you’ll see how quick and easy it is to create a boxshot in under 2 minutes starting from nothing and without using any additional image creation tools.

Question #5: Is the cost within your budget and better than other options?

Most Ebook Cover Generator Software tools cost only a fraction of what Photoshop retails for and is even more economical than outsourcing the project to a freelancer.

But again, the two hidden costs you need to consider are:

Hidden cost #1 – Extra software you need to purchase if your 3d boxshot generator can’t create its own graphics.

Hidden cost #2 – Learning curve. This will vary depending on the software you choose and also on whether you need another software program like Photoshop to create your graphics for the boxshot to use.

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