How to Create a Graphic Using an Image You Upload

In this Boxshot King tutorial, you will learn how to create a graphic using an image you upload.

Click here for the pdf documentation.

  1. Click “Start Now”


  1. Choose the type of cover you want to create

bsk-main-choose product.png

  1. Name your Project by clicking the “untitled document” area and typing in your project name

bsk-name your project.png

  1. Choose “upload your own”

bsk-choose your background.png

  1. Upload the image from your computer you want to use
  1. move the handles to select an area to use as your background
  1. the area highlighted is what will be visible (see image to the right for the way it will look on your boxshot)

bsk-select background area.png

  1. Click “Select & Continue”

bsk-select and continue.png

  1. Insert any text, images, etc you want to use by clicking “Insert Text” or “Insert Images” or “Upload Images”
  1. Click finalize to finish up your image

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